What time will my delivery arrive?

How much is freight?

Can we sell more/less flavours?

How long should we fundraise for?

Please request for freight charges for an estimate. Freight charges exclude GST and are very reasonable. 

We cannot estimate this unfortunately, however, we can provide the driver with your number with the hopes they will call you prior to delivery.

Min 2 weeks, Max 4-5 weeks. 

If it is too short you can compromise your sales potential, if it is too long (without regular comms) people can forget and/or get impatient. 

What is the best pick up date?

The pick-up/delivery date should be the same day as your distribution date to your customers. When deciding on a distribution date, it is best to pick a relevant date people will remember. E.g. Training night, game day, meetings, end of term etc.

Yes, it is up to you however, many flavours you sell. We only recommend less due to trying to reduce the logistics of distribution at the organiser's end. 

What if I don't have business address?

You can pick up from the freight distribution centers. Just ask us where they are situated. 

NOTE: We cannot deliver to a business that is based out of a residential address.