1. Let us know that you are going to participate and what time frames you are looking at.

2. Use the order form on the excel document you downloaded to distribute between everyone collecting orders. 




3. If you would like posters or digital images for social media, websites or emails get in touch and we will send these to you.

4. Email your order form back to us (Orders are to be made in completed boxes of one flavour).

An invoice will be produced & sent back to you. Once order is paid your order will be ready for collection within
5 working days if you are picking up or 6 working days if you require your order to be delivered.
Payment is to be received in full before pick up/dispatch.

5. Your donation will be processed within 1 - 2 weeks after your pies have been picked up/delivered.

NOTE: All product come in full boxes of one flavour, individually wrapped and frozen. 

Freight charges do apply, please request for freight charges if you would like an estimate. 

 - You will only be able to select up to 7 flavours. You can sell less but if you would like to sell more email us to adjust the forms for you.

   - These dates are not set in stone but provides us with some guidence.